Monday, April 23, 2007

A New Train of Thought

The Indian Railways (started on 16 April 1853) have always evoked a feeling of nostalgia among its travellers. Whether it is the steam engine chugging through the countryside or the hullaballoo and chaos at the Railways station, train journeys are an integral part of everyone's holiday memories.

This year, when you plan a summer vacation down south, you may get a chance to get a ride on the Kurkure “Masti” Express. In yet another first, Kurkure became the first brand in the country to have a branded train. In a path breaking initiative, Kurkure has tied up with the South Western Railways to brand 3 summer special trains emanating out of Bangalore (Bangalore-Chennai, Bangalore-Hubli, Bangalore-Nagercoil). These Summer special trains would be branded by Kurkure and would be called the “Kurkure Masti Express”. Kurkure has always aimed at creating “mast” family moments, and the Summer Special trains are going to leverage the season when families go for vacations, thereby giving us yet another opportunity to create fun-filled moments for the entire family.

A brand that has always “delightfully surprised” families through its innovative offerings, this is yet another example of the same. Kurkure has always provided lifetime experiences like a “Tea party on a plane”, and this initiative is going to be yet another initiative to further Kurkure’s promise to provide lifetime experiences.

According to newsreports South Western Railway had called for bids for a unique initiative called Brand Train, under which a brand name would feature along with the train's name in all announcements, on reserved tickets, on reservation charts, on destination boards of the train, coach indication slips and during all information dissemination about the train.
So if you have tried out a Kurkure Train experience write to us here and tell us all about it.


Arun Rajagopal said...

The Kurkure Express did create a buzz among the Indian Rail-fanning / train-spotting community. Members of IRFCA - that would be Indian Railway Fan Club Association, online at - were on the lookout for Kurkure Express and a few went out of their way to get snaps of the train & uploaded it on to the IRFCA image gallery.

Well, you guys have branded the train... what more? Are there Kurkure boys on board selling Frit-Lay chips to passengers? Is there any brand engagement happening?
Trust me, trains are a great place to engage in 'exciting conversations' with consumers!

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Anonymous said...

trains were the only place where people were left to watch the passing scenery.. now even that view will be snatched away by these artificial advertisements.. May be govt may charge special fare for those compartments free of ads..

hai baji said...
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