Thursday, January 31, 2008

Radio Jokers!

I and Abhijit, our HR Head, somehow just landed into this Radio One Office Champ contest which is on air everyday between 6 – 8 pm. Although we end up goofing up every time but the fun of the whole thing is that we are able to generate a lot of excitement in the organization. Every evening employees’ Radio’s are switched on and we all eagerly wait for our round to be aired. In a true reality show ishtyle, our success on this competition also depends on SMS voting. (Now I know how unfair these contests could be; you could be at best of your talent n’all but if you don’t generate enough votes, you are good for nothing!!) We are SMSing left, right and centre and are hopeful to win this competition. Check out this cool campaign we created :)

Now let me tell you what’s happening on this contest. The teams are : PepsiCo, Global Logic, Live India, HT, Dainik Jagran……A team of two from each of these organizations is participating by answering on various rounds. First day was an introductory round and we were thrown questions like ‘Kee Haal Hai’??!! Were we to be witty? May be funny, don’t know yet. Imagine what Abhijit would answer when asked, “what would you say to your boss if he has caught you singing looking at his wife”? BTW, we scored 9 on 10. Not bad!!

Round Two was a disaster – Bollywood quotient! Who’s got the time yaar to read Filmfare or watch Bollywood ka Boss!! Anyway, we jumped into this without any arms and ammunitions and yet came out with flying colors. WE GOT ONLY 6 ON 10, LOWEST OF ALL!! Good fun (was made of both of us!). For God’s sake how on this earth will we know “what role J.D. Chakraborty played in Satya”?

Round Three was Flirt quotient. Abhijit was very happy this time and as expected he did a great job of flirting with the RJ and the lady who called him to check out his flirt quotient. We scored 8 on 10.

Today was round Four & Five. Cricket quotient and Talent Round. Well, we are the masters at that. A perfect 10 on 10 in Cricket and 9 on 10 on Talent. Hope our happiness is not short lived and we are able to sail through tomorrow’s Quiz on Delhi. God bless us!!

But, are you voting???? SMS OC FritoLay to 53650 right now!!