Thursday, September 06, 2007

What's The Program - A Funky new Lays Website

Like all brand managers will tell you, the consumers are watching far less TV than before. The need is therefore to engage different sections through different media. Keeping this in mind, Lays has developed the funky website to reach the young and the restless.

Our own young and restless Krishna Kumar says that becoming a member in the Lays website was fun because it connects people to cool stuff around Music, Sports, Entertainment, College etc. He used it to find the latest movies playing at theaters in his neighborhood. His office PC now displays a Wallpaper from College section of the site “Different Programs = Different Downloads”. One can not only create customized wall papers featuring self and Saif but also can win a chance to feature in Lays commercial. Is'nt that cool? Just log in and enter a new world of excitement.

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brijesh said...

lays is really fooling the public they had a promotion where one had to sms the code behinhd the wafer wrappersd in order to get gifts i have won two ipods its been 3 months i still have not recieved my gift when i was promised it would reach me in 21 days please dont trust these brands they are fooling people and i have purchased 300 packets of chips in order to get the gifts ..and they have a toll free no which is 9880298802 but no one picks up the phone or either the phone is always switched off there no one to look into these matters or can lays get away because they are under the giant brand pepsico...revert with ur views on