Thursday, June 28, 2007

The FritoLay Rack is Everywhere!

One of the things that always strikes me is the challenge that the Supply Chain guys of Frito Lays face. Getting the crisp bag of chips from the factory to the distributor to the corner shop where you can just reach out and grab it when you want to... thats a tall order. And then you need to have just all the right flavor combos. Maybe you want to try the new MINT MISCHIEF or some other flavor.

That's where the rack comes in. It is there everywhere - at least we try to be everywhere. I went on vacation recently to various places in Himachal Pradesh. The most memorable one being McLeodganj. It is an amazing example of Tibetan culture and of course is most famous for being the residence of HH The Dalai Lama.

The city is busy with the buzz of the tourists. They are there everywhere mingling with the locals, driving a hard bargain over Tibetan junk jewellery or a CD of Tibetan chants.

I saw a street artiste walking a tightrope. Right there in the middle of the narrow lane the young artiste had set up shop and was performing for the benefit of an appreciative audience.

I saw the familiar FritoLay rack everywhere. Here is a photo of the rack at Mcleodganj. If you have spotted the FritoLay rack at remote and unexpected locations, you could send us those photos at along with a short write up about the place. We will publish it on these pages and give you credit. Come blog with us.