Saturday, January 06, 2007

FritoLays Day celebrated at Channo Factory

The factory of FritoLay India located at Channo is in the heartland of Punjab. They celebrated the Annual Day on 25th December 2006. The place is a quiet little hamlet surrounded by green fields as you drive in towards the factory.

I just love the verdant surroundings. There is something endearing about the land and people of Punjab that comes through in each interaction.

I found a map of District Sangrur that tells you the towns that surround Channo.
The FritoLays day celebration is a family affair. So you could see the kids trying out all the games of chance and skill while the adults preferred to sun themselves in the winter sun.

The day ended with a hearty round of Bhangra - the folk dance of Punjab that cuts across international boundaries because of its simplicity and appeal. Bhangra has been mixed with Disco, Techno, Reggae and of course with Hip Hop by the well known rapper Jay-Z (pronounced Jay Zee) who sang Mundiyan To Bach Ke (translation - Beware of the Boys). But what we had that day was the desi version and performed with gusto by the Frito crowd.

So here's to a great year ahead for you and your loved ones. Don't forget to try out a Bhangra move the next time you go dancing.